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Horizon Casino
42,000 square foot, full casino. 539 rooms and suites, three restaurants, Starbucks, pool.

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  You know, this hotel is better than you'd think. Its really nice quality and has a good mix of having everything that the big casinos have, but also has a "small town" charm and feel. I found this place and Bill's to both be very relaxing.
Tom Birch
Richmond, CA, USA - Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 00:01:16 (PST)
My mother got married here, and it was one of the best hotel experieces I have had in Tahoe! The staff in very friendly and this hotel has everything from movie theatures to night clubs! I would highly recremend this to anyone going to Tahoe. The only bad thing is the pool. Very nice sized pool and hot tubs, but they are out door and closed during the winter.
Christie D.M. <CricketGirl88@hotmail.com>
CA, USA - Wednesday, December 26, 2001 at 13:56:33 (PST)
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Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe from Cruzino.com